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Rangmanch [2018]

Rangmanch [2018]

Rangmanch is a tale of hope and dreams. The movie portrays the life of
a struggling actor who is possessed to chase and achieve his dreams,
despite multiple obstacles and hurdles.

This film showcases the 3 generations of the artiste and unfolds
multiple layers of truth and hope of his life.

This story is an ode to all artistes who are walking down a similar
rocky terrain.

Based on the short story "Hero"

Book Name: "Namak Swadanusar" (Short collection of stories)
Author: Nikhil Sachan
Directed by Abhinav Thakur.
Synopsis: Saurabh.Mistry (Jason).

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Junko [2018]

On the face of it all, everything looks pretty, rosy & beautiful. However, that’s not the case for some who were submerged into darkness and were buried in it forever. Who are these hapless beings, who were the victims of a brutal, hideous and a deviant force?

Let me just cut to the chase and get to the point. This November, you will witness an underground feature film that will shock the living daylights out of you. Indeed, this will grab you by the throat, never letting it go.

This tale or true story "Junko" is about Junko Furuta, who endured one of the most unspeakable and unimaginable torture that one cannot ever imagine. For the record, this was the most horrifying rape and murder crime case that rocked Japan and the world in the year 1988.

This is our sincere effort to highlight to the audience the 44 days of inhuman torture that she had succumbed to before her death. Everybody knows about Junko, but nobody knows about the psychological background of the murderers.

No one knows how and why Junko Furuta faced those 44 days of remorseless hell and agony. This inhuman activity was beyond evil.

We’ve adopted the story and created the screenplay with an Indian backdrop. However, the purpose of the film is not just to showcase the brutality of the event. It is primarily to highlight the absurdity and loopholes of the juvenile law in the world that we live in today.

We talk about human rights violation, and yet the entire judicial system is flawed in one of these aspects.

Abhinav Thakur and the crew have vested in a painstaking effort to complete this pet project.

So this 24th October, please watch, share and comment on our film; as an effort to create consciousness among the people. It is to educate the masses worldwide about fixing the loopholes in our judicial system today, so that we can prevent such unspeakable acts in the future.

Extreme Caution/ Disclaimer: This film is for mature audiences only. You need to be 21+ to be able to watch this. Please be aware, that the contents of the film are highly graphic in nature. This movie is not advisable for pregnant women, people suffering from heart ailments etc. Please watch it at your own risk!

Thank You!


An AVT Films Presentation With Association of ABY Films.

Writer and Director : Abhinav Thakur
Chief Asst. Dir. : Sumeet
Director of Photography : Rajeev Britto
Editor : Abhay Gupta
Music and Background Score : Abhilekh Lal
Production Manager : Kuresh Maharana
Makeup Artist : Eknath Paigude

Synopsis: Saurabh.Mistry

Neelam Deysarkar
Aayush Thakur
Aarav Mavi
Aashif Eqbal
Priyank Tiwari

For more Updates and infos click following links

Abhinav Thakur :


Abhilekh Lal :

and for more info about the Rape and Murder case of JUNKO FURUTA :

Trailer Link:

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The Cuckoo Club.

The Cuckoo Club was soft launched on 5th Jan 2016. It's essentially a continuation of The Hive. So, come one & come all to this unique club, that offers you a sound proof black box theater,that will seat over a hundred people across the platform and balcony seats. Yes, you heard me right! The experimental art & theater, arthouse & underground world cinema screenings will run parellel to The Hive and shall continue to blow your minds.

Not only that, the ever cool waiting room will also serve some cold beers and a selected variety of wines to quench your thirst. To add to that, the kitchen shall serve some of the choicest culinary delights from all over the globe.

Then again, please hold your horses as The Cuckoo Club is still in the stage of reaching it's final stage of completion. But be rest assured, it's just a matter of time until it gets done. After that, it's going to be pure mayhem and a riot, but only in an artistic sense. You will be there, won't you?

Hey, just look below for the details of the location:

Location: 5AA, Pali Hill Road, next to Candies, Bandra (W).

For inquiries and bookings email:  
View the Facebook page:

Monday, August 24, 2015

Ju On: White Ghost / Black Ghost [2009]

Ju-On: White Ghost/ Black Ghost. (Old Lady in White/ Black Young Girl) [2009]
 呪怨: 白い老女 Ju-on: Shiroi Rōjo/  呪怨: 黒い少女 Ju-on: Kuroi Shōjo

Actors: Al Kago, Akina Minami, Hiroki Suzuki
Directors: Ryuta Miyake, Mari Asato
Language: Japanese
Country: Japan.
Studio: Well Go (USA)/ Kadokawa Pictures (Japan)
Year: 2009
Overall Run Time: 121 minutes
BHI Rating: 9/10.

Ju-On: White Ghost: tells the chilling tale of senior high school student Arkane whose strong ESP power induces her into seeing Mirai, the tragic ghost of an old school friend. 
(Run Time: 61 mins.)

Ju-On: Black Ghost:  talks of a young woman called Fukie who discovers that she's carrying an unborn 'grudge', which vengefully curses all those around her.
(Run Time: 60 mins.)

I'm presuming that if you've picked up this Blu Ray disc/ DVD from your local DVD store with the expectation that you're going to harped with some sort of a blood chilling  Asian Horror freak show, you may be quite right there. However, if you are the type who hasn't really watched Asian Horror before, I'd suggest you may have to return to the drawing board. You may also consider browsing through the back catalogue of the original Ju-On Series. 

Once again, don't be fooled, because both these films do not have a direct co-relation to "The Saeki Murders", which was the crux of the original Ju-On Series directed by Takashi Shimuzu. With the exception of a very brief scene of a Saeki family member.

Both White Ghost and Black Ghost are shot by two different directors and are basically shot in an anachronistic order. White Ghost is split into 8 different segments, while Black Ghost contains 7 different segments. 

Both stories talk about separate side hauntings, so you may choose to watch in an orthodox fashion or likewise. 

Again both stories also run in a non linear format, chapter to chapter, which is a trend in most of the Ju-On Series. In all eventuality, there will be folks who will end up feeling lost or baffled, by the ambiguous nature of the plot. But fear not, because both tales have enough meat for you to ponder upon and demands for repeat viewing, which primarily enhances the mood factor to the next level.

Also allow me to take a step a little further, while you venture into the dark world of the Ju-On chapter, White Ghost.

 The opening scene involves a central character hanging himself on the noose during one cold and icy winter. And seconds before that a tape recorder records his final words and stops with the handbag in the snow backdrop. Another story talks about a pastry delivery guy on his way to transport a Christmas cake to a customer. Another chapter enchants us about a young and pretty girl Akane, who possesses a strong psychic ability to see an apparition of a specific character in the plot (Ha! I woudn't want to reveal that for the world). This chapter involves high school classmates, who try their hand on a Ouija board. Also a taxi driver who rides his daughter to school on a regular basis, offer some light moments of humor. 

That being said, this still can be quite an unsettling experience for most viewers, due to certain macabre sequences and grisly murder scenes. I can go on record to say that out of all the Ju-On installments, this one takes the cake of being extremely morbid. And all this is very achievable with some clever direction and some fantastic performances by all characters in the film.

And all this primarily revolves around the plot concerning a family of six, which moves into the infamous house. How this correlates to the above tales unfolds story after story and unlocks a grim and nightmarish world of White Ghost. 

It's twin tale Black Ghost is director Mari Asato's baby. Here the opening sequence shows a school kid who sees another student collapse in one of the school's classroom through the glass window. Post that we have a chapter that deals with a teenage boy, who seems to be infatuated with his next door neighbor Yuko. The subsequent chapter deals with a nurse who undertakes the responsibility of a young girl by the name of Fukie, who is hospitalised due to a strange cyst in her body.

I'll leave you with just that.  It's kind of hard for me to say, which one is scarier or smarter. Because, that's entirely dependent on the viewer's mood, experience and expectation. All in all, here's a Japanese horror flick that's not over dramatised like the American sequels of The Grudge Series. The budget was pretty much shoe string and regardless of all that still promises us relentless blood curdling moments, occasional shock and horror. This is unlike a lot of overhyped productions that fail to deliver due to a weak plot, predicable or contrived settings and poor direction. Here, the characters do not make stupid mistakes as opposed to their American counterparts. 

The acting appears to be a standout, but so does the cinematography, direction, editing, background score, lighting. The combination of all these just adds to the tension, as you toss those chunks of popcorn into your mouth. And that's pretty much it. A recommended watch during a gloomy monsoon or a cold winter, while you sit at your desk all by yourself waiting and watching until the ghouls from urban Japan usurps your soul.

 Go cop the Blue Ray/ DVD to add to your exclusive collection of After Dark Horror: 

Also, watch the teaser for a little warm up:

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The Hive

The Hive is a one-of-a-kind eco-system focused on supporting and furthering the arts and technology. It is a co-working space for start-ups, entrepreneurs and the creative community, a workshop and event space with classes cross disciplines for the mind and the body, a performance space to showcase budding and established talent and a cafe to eat, drink, unwind and work out of.We promote and support an unbiased and open culture and we value your energy and input and help your great ideas come to life by creating the environment where you can meet, collaborate and inspire each other.

Read more:

Location: 50 A , Huma Mansion, Next to Ahmed bakery, Chuim Village Rd, Khar Daanda, Khar (W ), Mumbai 400052, Maharashtra,  India.

 Working Hours: Open all week between (9:00h to 23:00h IST*)

 Contact:  Téléphone  +91 96 19 962969



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Nirbhaya The Play [2013]

NIRBHAYA The Play [2013]

Director: Yael Farber [SA]
Actors: Japjit Kaur, Poorna Jaganathan, Priyanka Bose, Sapna Bhavnani, Ankur Vikal, Rukhsar Kabir and Sneha Jawale.

Language: English, Hindi & some Marathi.
Duration: 90 mins.

Rating: 9/ 10.
Review by: Saurabh.Mistry (Black Hills Industry) 

"Nirbhaya" as the name suggests "Fearlessness" is a 90 minute dramatization of the true and horrific events that occurred on the fateful night of Dec 16th 2012 in New Delhi, India. A young couple returning home after a movie find themselves cornered in a horrific bus ride with six deviant men, ultimately resulting as a final day between the two.
Yael Farber is an multiple award winning Theater director/ playwright, who delivers so strongly on this specific offering. And the fine ensemble of seven put up stellar performances of the day. Absolutely commendable stuff!
The play begins with a sound which stirs, echoes and lingers in your mind for a long time to come. To add to that Japjit Kaur who plays Nirbhaya sings like a dream. It just seems to float everywhere, complimenting the background soundscape. Undoubtedly, the background soundscape is at its best you will ever hear at your favorite amphitheater.
The atmosphere in the auditorium is surreal with the lighting set pieces bringing out the true characters to the likes of Poorna Jaganathan, Priyanka Bose, Sapna Bhavnani, Ankur Vikal, Rukhsar Kabir and Sneha Jawale. They share their own true and grim nightmarish stories with the audience. You will have the hair at the back of your neck rise as you listen to each chilling tale.
There are moments, you will cringe in your seat, while listening to the true account of the actor's stories and the next moment you might chuckle, but just a little bit, because of the hint of black humor thrown in occasionally. And there is never a dull moment as the tension never tends to cease until the dying moments of the show. On the contrary, you will be at the edge of the seat.
That being said, the performers highlight their exhibits by playing multiple characters only adding grace to the performances. The theatrics continue to marvel the audience as each story is thrown in from various angles, each from a different part of the world (US, UK, India etc.). Every element of the mood is so well composed ranging from media bytes, rush hour traffic, trains plying on the tracks.. etc.
The play is a reminder to each one of us about the ugly and sick world that we live in. It sends the message out loud about consciousness of the society at large. It also opens a window to the audience, so that they too could also share their experiences. After all, this was not just Nirbhaya's story, but about each one of us, who may have endured ordeals of physical, mental or sexual abuse in the past. For others, it could be happening on a real time basis and this is just the right forum for them.
Towards the end of it, you are so floored that it would have you thinking about it even after you leave the auditorium. The applause simply grows into a crescendo as you're left gob smacked. Well, that's feedback to the most talked about theatrics in and around the globe.
The directors and the actors have also arranged a discussion with the audience, right after the show. This is done, just to understand the audience reaction and feedback of the performances. Very apt considering the nature of the play.
My only grouse was pertaining to the fact, that there could have been another sequence, which could have delved deeper into the bureaucratic approach of the government at large towards such contentious issues and the lawlessness of the law. I don't know if this will be showcased in the subsequent installment of this play? It seems a tad unlikely, but if it does, that would definitely add momentum to this show on multiple dimensions. Well, not that it hasn't! To be perfectly honest, there shouldn't be any room for complaints at this juncture.
But maybe....just maybe, the director did not want to create too much controversy by bringing in the political angle in picture resulting in the play being too stretched out. That being said, that is just my point of view and you shouldn't miss this crème de la crème show for the world. The catharsis churned out from this fine ensemble are truly bold and gritty. It's a standing testimony of a tour de force performance. Highly recommended stuff, even if you're planning on watching it multiple times. Hats off! Because, that's another feather in the cap for the prolific playwright.

For details on show timings, ticket availability and venue, click on the following website:

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15 Minutes

15 Minutes (2001) 

120 min  -  Action | Crime | Drama   -  9 Mars 2001 (USA)
John Herzfeld
John Herzfeld
 Robert De Niro, Edward Burns and Kelsey Grammer
Language: English & some Czech / Russian.
Country/ Pays: USA/ Etats Unis.
Reviewed by: Black Hills Industry
BHI Rating: 8.5/10.

Plot: A homicide detective and a fire marshall must stop a pair of murderers who commit videotaped crimes to become media darlings.

Ever wondered why movies of such variety remain largely overlooked or gravely underrated. Blame it on the endless pile of mainstream clutter that has permanently invaded our television sets, cinema halls, multiplexes, tabloids, journals and a lot more. Gone are the days, when Crime/ Action Thrillers contained some meaningful yet tense, flamboyant but intelligent sequences.

Recall Kurt Russel in “Mean Season” , David Fincher’s classic chiller “Seven”. Michael Mann’s “Collateral” [2004] comes pretty close to this genre. 

These are just a few examples to highlight how dynamic cinema can get. Incidentally, Antoine Fuqua’s “Training Day” created magic the same year that this one (15 Mins.) did and yet the former bagged not only the “Best Actor Award” at the Oscar’s, but an astounding 15 other award wins and 14 nominations. So where does that leave 15 Minutes to?

Poor publicity buzz and marketing strategy can be blamed for tepid box office generation for John Herzfeld’s 2001 shocker. But that never stopped the film from receiving a considerable nomination for Best Action Sequence. Keep in mind that this has an underground feel all the way.

Also, by & large a respectable chunk of the global population had mixed feelings for this film, some shall I say being rather over opinioned on certain proceedings in the film. Yeah, but I never said that the movie wasn’t going to be offbeat. 15 M has all of these elements and a lot more as you read on. Because, if you are just trying to expect a politically correct premise in a crime thriller, which deals with a bunch of dysfunctional and deranged psychotic killers who are let loose in the country , I think you're probably following just another pattern.

Now to say that 15 Minutes is in reference to the much talked about “15 Minutes to fame” quote in the media, would be overtly excessive. Not to mention that the media is always under the scanner, at least for now. Therefore Herzfeld does not waste time in trying to get us to preach us about the underbelly happenings of “The Big Apple”. (That’s New York, stupid;) Crime is not rampant; it’s all over the place.

Here’s the deal, Robert De Niro plays nearly invincible cop to investigate one of the most controversial and grotesque cases as far as serial murders are concerned. Edward Burns happens to also to play an equally significant role as an arson investigator. Let’s just say that both of them happen to meet and find themselves in some of the most bizarre and over the edge sequences and they sure do have their moments, which are by the way are built to last. Let’s not talk about performances here, as De Niro remains flawless in his uniformed attire and so does an equally impressive Edward Burns, who stays cool and calm until the dying moments of the film.

Their presence is godsend, while two East European immigrants happen to play havoc upon entering the United States. This comprises of Oleg Taktarov who plays Oleg Razgul [Russian National] and Karel Roden who plays the deranged and overtly delusional Emil Slovak, a Czech national. Both of them pledge havoc right to the dying moments of the film. Oleg Razgul’s ambitions thrive largely in the oft quoted “American Dream” particularly in showbiz, while Emil Slovak’s objective seems more manic than ambitious. Both actors display a touch of class, which can be experienced at the crème de la crème show of cult European cinema at your local theaters or the Sundance itself.

Once in the country, the audience is allowed to get a glimpse of graphic violence in the city. Another key highlight is Kelsey Grammer of "Frasier" fame, who plays media kingpin and manipulator. Equally impressive is his team, who further adds an edge to this chiller.

But this should not be mistaken for just another crime time entertainer, because there’s more than meets the eye. 15 M never loses its flavor or its sense of humor in its direction. It just leaps off the stage, the moment you pop this disc in your machine. It’s like jumping on one of those really super fast Amtrak’s. You just don’t know when it’s going to stop, but that’s if you really want it to! And the moment it does, Herzfeld tightens the screws in some of the most adrenalin indulging car chases, smart action sequences and some cutting edge dialogue delivery.

Performances couldn’t have been any better. In 1996, John Herzfeld caused a stir with “2 Days in the Valley”, a crime thriller set up in an extremely busy L.A. Here Herzfeld makes his point crystal clear, by displaying the genius in him. Considering the fact that he himself wrote the script, the screenplay is first rate, which results in 120m losing itself in a matter of minutes or should I say 15 minutes. You’ll be looking at your watch and shaking your head in disbelief. Word of advice, once again “BELIEVE!!”

The movie has everything that deals with contemporary lifestyles: power, avarice, fame, media influence and the power of television. So much that while you are watching, it’s too good to be true. If I may, the plot revolves around Emil Slovak, who’s prime purpose to come to the United States is to search and hunt down their former accomplice, who took off with his money and let him rot in jail. He tags Oleg Razgul along as a backup, however Oleg seems to be more interested in film making and celluloid dreams in the proverbial land of milk and honey.

They steal a handheld camera in broad daylight from a local NY store and after that it’s pure mayhem, because Oleg captures almost everything that is around him. Within a matter of minutes, they end up videotaping some of the most random and graphic acts of violence. This is not your Sunday morning breakfast movie, so you best be prepared.

The duo commit crimes such as arson and cold blooded murders in a style so grotesque putting every other “Saw”  installment to shame. (James Wan, please make notes here!)

Up next, Eddie Fleming [De Niro], who is a popular American hero and veteran detective along with Jordy Warsaw [Edward Burns], an arson investigator, are trying to hunt down these criminals down with all their expertise.

While they are at it, they encounter Daphne [Vera Farmiga] an illegal Czech immigrant, who happens to be a key witness to the serial murders committed by the duo. However, as you dig deeper, you will come across several subplots, which deal with the unfortunate absurdity of the American justice system, namely in reference to the double jeopardy law. 

The plot thickens further as Emil and Oleg attempt to manipulate the American justice system, hires an attorney, strike a deal with a TV network anchor.

The result is quite complicated which deals with the element of unpredictability in terms of acting, direction, screenplay and script.

You would be surprised but some of the most intense and jaw dropping/ tour de force performances are displayed by none other than the East European duo.
This is your real ticket to an unforgettable ride to an Underground Crime Thriller. That being said, don't ever say that we never mentioned that!

And how could I forget. For all those die-hard fans of this genre, the Blu Ray is available on Amazon. Com on the following link. Cheers!:

This won't even take 15 Minutes:

Reviewed by: Saurabh.Mistry (Jason)
for Black Hills Industry.

Rangmanch [2018]

Rangmanch [2018] Rangmanch is a tale of hope and dreams. The movie portrays the life of a struggling actor who is possessed to chas...